Diskuta allows influencers to monetize their communities. How does it work? By calling their fans and getting paid for it! In concrete terms, the startup connects influencers with followers who want to talk with them live. The principle is really to chat (hence the name “Diskuta”) with your favourite influencer as if you were asking a friend for news or advice.

Influencers make call slots available according to their availability. Then they define the price of the call that their followers will have to pay to chat with them. Their followers just have to book a time slot to chat.


Diskuta : Calling their followers on 1:1 chat to monetise the audience

“Our goal is to create a new source of income for influencers and to deliver happiness to followers. “

Additional income for influencers

The French startup Diskuta addresses the desire of many influencers to make a living from their content creation activity. Influencers who offer inspiring content to their followers can share their expertise and ideas with their followers. For the content creator, the strategy is simple “Call. Earn.” as the site says. The more calls they make, the more they earn. The site takes a commission but does not charge a subscription fee. “We earn cash, if the influencer earns cash with us, that’s only fair”.

Call. Earn.An average influencer can quickly earn more than 100€ in an hour, while having a real added value for their followers.

Influencer rates on Diskuta vary according to their fame and what they can bring to the follower. The limited time of influencers and the high demand for personalised calls drive up prices, which are generally between €25 and €50 per call, and even more for some celebrities. An average influencer can quickly earn over €100 in an hour, while adding real value for their influencer.


More proximity and backing from the community

The aim of the platform Diskuta is also to help influencers strengthen the relation between them and their followers. Basically, personalising the relationship with engaged followers means converting them even more and turning them into ambassadors. It creates proximity and deepens relationships. Content creators can use Diskuta as a way to strengthen their community and share their experience and expertise.

“You can call them live, you can talk to them. It makes you want to follow them even more and help them with their personal or professional projects.”

Influencers can go further to serve their community, but in a broader sense this time, by offering charity calls! The earnings are then transferred directly to the association by the platform.

Safe calls for influencers on Diskuta

To ensure security, influencers do not share their phone number. The call module is integrated directly into the platform. And calls are not visible or recorded by Diskuta, they are strictly private!


Personalised content and advice for the followers

The one-to-one call is also a real opportunity for the follower to have a more personalised conversation. Who hasn’t dreamt of talking to their idol? Diskuta offers the possibility to talk “face to face” as you would talk to a friend on whatsapp or FaceTime. You can discuss anything and everything, but also ask for advice. Many influencers have an area of expertise, such as fashion, sports, travel. Followers inspired by their content are interested in getting expert advice.

Diskuta - Follow. Chat.

What do we talk about with influencers on Diskuta?


On Instagram, Tiktok or Youtube, influencers are everywhere and talk about everything. Each influencer develops his or her own universe with an area of expertise. Let’s take a few examples:

Lifestyle influencer, inspiration at the heart of Diskuta calls!

“Lifestyle” is very broad. Depending on their recognised expertise, some influencers can guide their community to invest, to travel or even to prepare a world tour. Through Diskuta calls, these influencers can simply become “role models” for their followers. By inspiring them to achieve goals they have already reached, for example. A strong motivation for sure!


Fashion influencer for personalised fashion advice

An influencer specialised in fashion can talk about how photoshoots take place (the “behind the scene”), how she chooses the clothes she wears or the brands she collaborates with. Likewise, a beauty pageant can explain her background and help prepare the new contestants. But she will also be able to give fashion tips or her fitness routine to her followers! If the fans follow her, it is because she inspires them. If she inspires them, she can surely advise them!


Sports Influencer for coaching and real feedback

Who hasn’t dreamt of debating the match with their favourite sportsperson? Diskuta has made it real! A sportsman or woman can talk about his or her matches and competitions with other enthusiasts. Some of his followers will certainly want to know about his training, or even be mentored in their own training to continue to progress. Parents whose children are passionate about sports will also be interested in having them meet a star in the field. Inspiration guaranteed!