The Startuppers’ Club brings together all the players in the Start-up world and shares their news on a worldwide scale. The club wants to be open to all startuppers and collaborators: everyone can come to help and develop!

Startuppers’ Media

The Startuppers Club is entirely focused on startuppers. The founders of the webzine are passionate about the Start-Up universe, of which they scrutinize the evolutions and appreciate the trends. The site is structured in several parts:

News: Startups News

All the startuppers’ news is presented in this part of the site. You will find the news of the startups that you follow as an investor, as a follower or just to keep you informed. This section of the site is collaborative, the startuppers can give their news directly.


Startuppedia gathers practical tips built by specialists and advice given by professionals. The topics covered are very varied; it can be about the financing of the seed phase, the press relations strategy or how to manage a bad buzz… There are many questions that every startupper asks himself in his professional life.


This section of the Startuppers Club really presents the stars of the Webzine: the startuppers! Regularly, influential startup developers or beginners are introduced through a small bio and a few questions. The objective is to get feedback and understand what steps they have gone through or are still going through to succeed.


Every enthusiast can come and present his or her company in this section. Whether it is to make known its activity or to improve its referencing, all startup profiles are welcome!


It is a calendar that is freely fed by organizers of startup-centered events. This allows startuppers to keep up with the latest news near their homes and in Europe!

Collaborative Media

Each startupper can publish his or her own forum on the club’s website. The StartuppersClub is a collaborative media : everyone’s opinion is important and projects from the 4 corners of the world can be highlighted. However, we have set a few rules: it is important that the published content (texts or images) should not be overly flattering for their authors, nor slandering/condemnatory towards other startuppers. Finally, articles must not be anonymous: their author must introduce himself in the article form.

Articles published in the News section can be published by the Startuppers’ Club editorial team or by actors from the startup world. Startuppedia articles are written and/or reviewed by the site’s editors or recognized professionals invited by the editorial staff.

International Media

If you speak several languages, that’s good! StartuppersClub is international too! Our desire is to lead the way for international entrepreneurs, so we’ve launched the site in 3 languages: English, Spanish and French! Then, the site automatically redirects you to the language you seem to speak but don’t hesitate if you need to go and check what is being done in the neighbouring countries !

Finally, if you have submitted an article in English, and you wish to have it translated into French or Spanish, don’t hesitate to ask for help to the Startuppers Club whose editorial team is trilingual !