What is a Startupper? Definition


A startupper is a startup creator, and by extension someone who works in the ecosystem of innovative businesses. Anyone who recognizes himself in this description is more than welcome to the Startuppers Club !


3 Qualities of the Startupper

What does a good startupper ? Some qualities are common to almost all startuppers. In fact, to succeed in creating a business and to grow the project, you need an ability to have ideas and carry them out despite the difficulties. The Startuppers Club gives you the 3 essential qualities for the entrepreneur to perform:



I – Being a Visionary like Elon Musk


Everything starts from there. You have to have an idea. And an idea that will be valued in the future. Being able to anticipate what the future will be is therefore crucial for a successful start-up. It will then meet the future expectations of consumers by creating a product or service adapted.

The perfect example is Elon Musk, the visionary startupper. When he anticipates the problem of global warming in the future, he creates the Tesla electric car. As he sees the problem of increasing flights, he develops the Hyperloop. When he notices the development of the number of satellites, he innovates with SpaceX. His extraordinary ability to anticipate the needs of society gives Elon Musk an important lead over its competitors and ensures its entrepreneurial success.


II – Being Resilient Like Jack Ma


Entrepreneurial life is described by some as a series of problems that must be solved. Indeed, every day, a competitor develops, a technical difficulty appears, etc … The role of the startupper is to overcome each difficulty and to have the tenacity sufficient to face the following problem. This is called resilience: the ability of an individual to withstand hardship.

And if an entrepreneur really embodies resilience, it’s Jack Ma, the Chinese startupper ! Jack Ma has suffered so much disappointment, that he is no longer afraid and can move on to the next without being too impacted. This businessman is deemed to have applied for jobs by being regularly the only one refused. But that did not stop him from creating Alibaba, Taobao and Ant Financial, one of the biggest Chinese FinTechs.


III – Be a Team Leader like Xavier Niel


Latest Essential Quality, Team Spirit and Recruitment Skills. One of the main criteria for rating investors as business angels is the team. Indeed, they will always favor a complementary team and with real startuppers in the soul. And a good idea carried by average people will not work. We must know how to surround ourselves with other motivated, dynamic start-ups who, if possible, already have the first two qualities above.

Xavier Niel is this leader startupper! He builds super-motivated teams and knows how to surround himself with the best. He founded the school 42 with people of the trade (Nicolas Cadirac in particular). Similarly, for his Kima Ventures fund, he chose a few trusted people who selects the investment records for him. So trust will certainly be a prerequisite for success …